Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gana Art Center - Yoo Young Wun

A selection of Yoo Young Wun's work exploring mass media and culture is on view now through November 24th at the Gana Art Center in Insadong. Yoo looks at the loss of individuality brought on by the growth of mass media; with the advent of the printing press, the 'masses' could be informed of news, events, and ideologies as a singular body instead of as thinking, creative individuals. Made of intricately folded pages of newspapers and magazines, Yoo's sculptures are the anthropomorphic realization of 'mass media'.

Yoo subverts and repositions media as the social creator. His medium - the media - brings to life mass communication, giving it a physical form, and speaks to the importance we still give to print media despite the digital revolution.

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