Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Korean Designers - DMO (Design Minds On)

Great Korean design studio, DMO, responsible for flat lighting.  I'm a huge fan of the streetlights stuck into the concrete in the underpass leading to the Han River from Apgujeong, Seoul, these lamps give the same gorgeous effect.

International Photography Exhibition, Seoul

Olga Dou - Duza's Tears

I was just informed the Seoul International Photography Festival is still going at Garden 5 in Seoul.  It ends Jan 31st - am planning on heading over this weekend.  The Festival includes over 60 well-known photographers from around the world, and over 1500 amateur Korean photographers.
Initiated in 2006 to overview diverse aspects of domestic and overseas photographic worlds, the festival aims to meet and reflect the thirst and desire of a photographic population that has rapidly increased due to the development of the Internet and digital photography.
For info on the venue look here and for a map check here.  Go out exit 3 of Jangji Station (장지역) on line 8 and follow the map!

 Giacomo Costa - Aqua6
Wendy McMurdo - Helen, Backstage, Merlin Theater (The Glance)

Lee Minho - Portable Landscape III n2