Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've started collecting spam poetry from my spam inbox. (This probably results in me receiving a higher volume of spam than the average gmail user since I actually open the messages, but oh well.) It kind of reads like dada poetry, does it not? I love the opening line, and if you read the whole thing, you see it has it's own strange logic. For example, midway through it says: "feel canine freely frisk!" Does that not seem like an (excuse my lack of poetry terminology knowledge) answer to the question in the opening line? Repeating the 'freely canine'? Even up to the punctuation.

It's very well written. I would like to start a spam poetry slam/circle - anyone care to join?

And of course, it came with a picture announcing: We Make Sex.

* * *
freely canine soccer winkle?
while heckle livery whisky!
ampere yeah past.
music corset encage totem.
tapis bout tufty totem?
cade dreggy booty.
spade catgut dancer worse.
erne freely corset kauri.
bout smear nidge.
light egoism feel bald?
mealy ilium canine tapis!
diary yeah neigh frisk?
booty job ilium fen?
light sudd.
diary wintry job canine.
cycle self.
bout spade rhombi spade.
neural worse sudd.
ionize molly tremor.
perm egret.
ilium nous ionize orient!
shush syren ibidem dreggy!
encage sprawl gaiter livery?
miller planet myrtle ampere?
wintry modish smear job?
avowal ton diary soccer.
while job.
avowal ilium ampere hatred!
ibidem whisky we.
gluey pyrrol mealy neigh!
canine bout henry sudd?
modish emboss frisk whisky.
booty catgut exhale egoism.
corset kauri kauri.
heckle egoism fen kauri?
winkle livery job.
emboss dreggy baric ibidem!
potboy acacia babble while!
kauri nidge perm.
tapis pyrrol orient dancer!
gluey soccer tapis.
baric slave livery heckle!
babble tufty nidge heckle.
molly mower.
tremor dancer neural dreggy!
babble gluey ibidem modish.
fylfot bout booty kennel!
job ionize bald egret!
acacia booty mammy baric?
miller topple while ibidem?
gluey potboy while ionize?
avowal chyme acacia myrtle.
polo self worse.
jiff cade totem baric!
corset neigh totem.
whisky ionize.
we dancer emboss tapis?
polo amber.
smear sudd renter catgut?
bald music queue modish?
erne tremor gaiter sprawl.
ibidem gluey.
ibidem modish ionize exhale!
while dreggy.
music fen erne perm.
tufty mammy.
feel canine freely frisk!
gluey emboss.
neigh babble union yeah!
ionize syren planet.
mealy hatred booty booty!
miller chert feel dancer?
while erne nous fen?
self bout.
livery bald baric modish?
fen soccer chyme.
syren canine.
baric job bald baric!
miller soccer avowal canine!
totem hermit tufty hatred?
while rhombi nidge yeah?
incise light exhale patch!
planet shush heckle tremor?
syren fylfot.
mammy jiff renter.
bloke sudd incise syren.
mammy tufty incise we.
avowal perm cade sudd!
miller catgut.
tremor mammy ton bloke.
dreggy nous sudd nous.
hermit avowal spade ibidem!
tremor mammy.
polo orient.
sprawl patch totem chyme!
slave chyme union union.

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